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I came to Aggarwal Health looking for a homepath for my hormonal and acne issues and I did some research and found this place. I am so glad I ended up coming to them my skin is so clear and my hormonal issues are way better!! Anurag is so helpful and very detailed as well in his initial assessment and I did not feel comfortable meeting In person due to Covaid so he arranged a what’s app video call so we can discuss my health. I have done one treatment and I’ve seen a significant change and now am starting my second treatment definitely recommend this place to anyone wanting to try homeopathy medication for the first time.

Soniya Gill

Dr. Aggarwal is amazing. I had severe and unbearable pain in my back, dr Aggarwal gave me medicines saying within 24 hrs my pain will be less by 50 percent, shocking thing was , the pain was less by 75 percent. I question myself past so many years why have I been going to other doctors. Wish I could find dr. Aggarwal before. Thank-you dr for taking care of my back problem for me.

Pooja Bhagnari

I am 38yr old living in Vancouver Canada.I had migraine, very bad appetite and almost no Energy since 2008 and got all my blood reports done, but nothing came out. My family physician put me on anti depressants and diagnosed Anxiety. By luck I came to see Homeopath Aggarwal and got my Blood Cell Analysis done. After looking at my blood, he made some changes in my diet and recommended some food supplements, within a month my headache was gone, appetite got better and most of all I felt a lot Energetic than before.

Christine Johnston

I am 11yr old living Surrey, Canada.I had been suffering from intense itching and scaly eruptions since 5 years of age and did try many things but did not get any permanent relief. He checked my blood and gave me Homeopathic pills and made some changes in my diet. Now after three months of treatment my skin is 90% better, itch is gone, my appetite improved and I feel a lot energetic. Thanks to Homeopath Aggarwal.


I would highly recommend Dr. Aggarwal to anyone who is struggling from shortness of breadth during this present situation . He listen patiently and try to help you in the best possible way he can. My month long condition was cured in just few doses of his medication. I wouldnt be explaining this otherwise. God bless 👍🏻

Lucky Singh

I would highly recommend Dr.Anurag, we went to him after looking at the Google reviews for my dad's eczema which went away 100% after 3 consultations only. He is really understanding and listens to all your conditions. Must consult him once.


I was amazed at how much information about my health and wellness that Dr. Aggarwal could tell me from a drop of my blood! He quickly and accurately revealed a lot of issues and went over everything thoroughly with me. Now my husband is asking if I will take him to get his blood analized.

Susan Ping

Dr. Aggarwal over exceeded my expectations of my first appointment with him. He is extremely knowledgeable and his work is fascinating! I have been encouraging all my family and friends to make an appointment to go see him. I seriously can’t wait for my next follow up appointment!

Linh Le

I would recommend everyone doing this blood analysis with Dr.Aggarwal. Theres something about seeing on the screen, your own living cells and the physical repercussions of a poor diet or whatever your health issues may be. Your blood holds the realities in evidence of where you stand in your health. After a week of following Dr.Aggarwal’s suggestions, my head is clearer and I’m filled with energy

Chaz W

I am 8 yrs, male boy, living in Vancouver Canada I had been suffering from Chronic Eczema. Anurag Aggarwal checked my blood and gave me Homeopathic pills and made some changes in my diet. Now after four months of treatment my skin is 80% better, my appetite improved and I feel a lot energetic. thanks to himl.


I brought my ten year old son in to see Andy at Aggarwal Health and Wellness Centre yesterday as he has been very unwell of late. It was our first visit and I did not know what to expect. Andy was kind, patient in answering all our questions, and a consummate professional. He analyzed my son’s blood, showing and explaining to us all his findings as he went, and made some practical suggestions regarding diet and supplements to aid some of the issues he found. He then did a full and comprehensive evaluation and health history and set up a treatment plan. I was very impressed with both Andy’s knowledge and manner and how well he communicated. My son felt instantly comfortable with him which is not the norm. I look forward to continuing our visits to Aggarwal Health and Wellness going forward and feel confident that we have found the specialist that is the right fit for us.

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