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Cure Migraine, Cluster & Tension headache with Homeopathy

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Cure Migraine, Cluster & Tension headache with Homeopathy

Did you know that homeopathy for headache in Surrey BC is a side-effect free treatment option? Or do you administer pain killers to counter headaches?

Although headache is the most common type of pain, doctors are not usually consulted for this reason since patients often administer analgesics drugs (pain-killers) commonly found in the medical stores. In many conditions it is the case, but when headaches persist, self-medication can be risky. Besides causing undesirable effects, it can mask a more serious illness.

Migraine: The Primary Type

A migraine headache is a severe and recurring type of headache characterized by intense, throbbing pain, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine is divided into three phases – premonitory symptoms, aura phase, and pain phase.

Fortunately, homeopathy for migraine headache in Surrey is known to be a fruitful option, as it treats the root cause and not the condition.

Among the triggers we can find –

  • Stress, anguish, conflicts or circumstances that cause discomfort
  • Intense odors, smoke, tobacco, bright light, temperature changes
  • Gynecological area: menstruation, contraceptives, estrogen therapy
  • Excessive, insufficient or interrupted sleep
  • Alcoholic (wine and spirits especially), caffeinated drinks.

Cluster headache and homeopathy in Surrey BC

Its mechanism is not completely clarified but the involvement of different factors has been proven. The pain also appears due to activation of the trigeminovascular system. There is a consensus in this sense and in this type of headache there is an overlap of some symptoms and signs of migraine. The pain generator, from the activation of the trigeminovascular system, is not located in the brain stem.

There are currently two theories about cluster headache –

  • Vascular origin of pain: An inflammation of the cavernous sinus
  • Central origin of pain: Changes in blood flow in the cavernous sinus

Do you’ve a cluster headache?

Talk to the best homeopathic doctor and learn how homeopathy for cluster headache in Surrey BC can help you.

Tension headache

Stress headache or psychogenic headache suggests that psychological factors may be related to the appearance of this pain. The majority of the population has the potential to develop a tension headache if exposed to a sufficient number of factors. We can say that tension or stress headache is the result of the interaction between changes in the descending control system of neurons in the brainstem and changes in peripheral structures, such as hypersensitivity of the muscle fascia.

An episode can be caused by improper working position, anxiety, and stress. Tension headache can become chronic and it can vary from one patient to another. Administration of homeopathy for stress headache in Surrey BC is proven to be a reliable treatment.

In The End

So, now that you know the importance of homeopathy for headache in Surrey BC, it is time to contact a professional homeopathy doctor near you, discuss the symptoms, and get the right treatment.

If you are looking for an option, know that Aggarwal Health & Wellness has been treating patients with headaches with 100% genuine results. Call now!

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