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He has a Bachelor’s degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S.) from Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, India. He started his clinical practise in 2011 in Surrey after moving over to Canada in 2009. 

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Extended health coverage including homeopathy

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Extended health coverage including homeopathy

Many health insurance companies cover homeopathy.  However, the terms of this coverage vary according to the individual, group, and self-employed plans offered within each corporate division of each company.

Patients are advised to check with your extended benefits carrier whether your policy includes homeopathic treatment (sometimes included under paramedical services).  If your policy does not provide the coverage you require, you are encouraged to be pro-active.  You can write the insurance company, asking them to include homeopathy in your type of coverage.  If that fails, you can instruct your broker or union negotiator to find a plan that does cover homeopathy.

Currently CSH Registered members are recognized by the following insurance companies for supplemental health coverage:
   ●   Alberta Blue Cross
●   Claim Secure
●   Green Shield
●   Manulife
●   Medavie Blue Cross
●   Pacific Blue Cross
●   SunLife

This list is growing as our representatives continue to negotiate with insurance companies across Canada.