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Homeopathic Treatment for Migraine in Surrey

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Homeopathic Treatment for Migraine in Surrey

Migraine is a complicated disorder that causes acute throbbing pain or a pulsating feeling on one side of the head. People of all ages, including both males & females, suffer from migraine headaches more or less regularly. There are varieties of therapy available to treat migraine. Homeopathy is one of them that recover you without side effects.

If you need homeopathic treatment for migraine in Surrey, this blog is for you. Read on for complete information.


Different Types of Migraine Headaches People Often Experience

Migraines can be classified into several categories. However, the primary five types of migraines are discussed below:


Classical Migraine

Classic migraine is often called chronic headaches with aura. An aura such as visual disturbance, chemosensory symptoms, hemiparesis, or dysphasia generally precedes this condition.

One of the common most classical migraines causes visual aura. It usually takes 5-20 minutes to appear and lasts plus or minus 60 minutes. This kind of migraine is occurred by stress, anxiety, or hypersensitivity. The throbbing headache might remain from 4 to 72 hours.


Migraine without Aura

It is one of the most common migraines, affecting approximately 90% of female people with the condition. The headache tends to happen occasionally. It might be induced by an emotional disorder, such as exhilaration, tension, or exposure to an intense light or odor. It is typically unilateral and gradually worsens.


Basilar Migraine

This migraine is a type of chronic headache that initiates in the bottom area of the brain. It usually occurs due to vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels). Basilar migraine can cause double vision, dizziness, and lack of coordination.


Retinal Migraine

Retinal migraine is also known as ocular migraine. It is an eye problem that produces temporary blindness or visual issues in one eye. Although it is not a significant issue in your eyes, there is a slight risk of decreased blood flow that will cause retina damage. If this occurs, it might result in long-term vision problems.


Ophthalmoplegic Migraine

It is a rare neurologic condition that happened by repeated attacks of headache and ophthalmoplegia. People experience headaches & soreness surrounding their eyeballs with this rare condition. Moreover, the muscles surrounding their eyes become sluggish and uncomfortable. It may create the issue of double vision.


What Are the Common Causes, Symptoms & Effects of Migraine Headaches?


Causes Symptoms Effects
●       Genetic predisposition

●       Lack of sleep

●       mental anguish

●       High levels of estrogen

●       Strong odors

●       Gastrointestinal problems

●       Pain on one side of your head (often both sides as well)

●       Pain behind one eye or ear

●       Headache stays for 4-72 hours or more.

●       Acuity to light, sound, odor, and even touches.

●       Nausea

●       Vomiting

●       Temporary vision loss

●       Weakness & confusion after attack


●       Acidity

●       Cluster headache

●       Sinusitis

●       Hypertension

●       Sleeplessness

●       Depression

●       Dehydration

●       Anxiety neurosis

●       Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)


Not all headaches are migraines. However, if you suffer from one of these conditions (symptoms/effects), visit Aggarwal Health for excellent homeopathic treatment for migraine in Surrey.


How Do We Offer Homeopathic Treatment for Migraine in Surrey?

Migraine is mainly regarded as a psychosomatic disorder. The term “psychosomatic” refers to a relationship between the “psych,” or mind, and the “soma,” or body. In which a mental factor exacerbates the sickness. However, homeopathic medications act according to the patient’s “psych,” which effectively cure migraines without adverse effects.

Our certified homeopaths offer medicine according to the patient’s symptoms by checking them physically and mentally. It usually takes six months to two years to heal entirely from migraine discomfort. We typically prescribe the following homeopathic medicines for soothing chronic migraine pain.

  • Gelsemium
  • Glonoine
  • Belladonna
  • Spigelia
  • Iris Versicolor
  • Natrummuriaticum

Why Should You Consider Homeopathic Treatment for Migraine in Surrey?

Although numerous treatments are available for fast recovery from migraine headaches, why should you go for homeopathy? Here are some of the fundamental reasons why:

  • Highly effective
  • Safe, no significant side effects
  • Treat the root causes
  • Restore chemical imbalances in our body
  • Focuses on genetic factors
  • Excellent success rate

Moreover, it will offer you a steady recovery instead of a speedy one.


However, we have been providing homeopathic therapy in Surrey for a long time, with proven testimonies. So, if you’re seeking a certified homeopath to help you with your migraine headaches, give Anurag Aggarwal a call. We are always ready to enhance your health for better living.


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