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Why live-blood analysis in British Colombia is beneficial to health?

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Why live-blood analysis in British Colombia is beneficial to health?


Many of us have not heard the term “live-blood analysis”. By studying live blood, researchers claim that they can detect diseases and abnormalities in blood cells, such as allergies, condition of blood cells, vitamin deficiencies, and illness. When it comes to finding and treating health issues, there’s no better tool than a live blood analysis in British Columbia. However, do you know how it works? What are the advantages of performing this analysis?


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Live blood analysis in British Columbia: Advantages

With a few drops of your blood, the examiner can examine the size, shape, condition, and fine structure of your blood cells and platelet cells (large cells in the bone marrow). Doctors can use this information to identify your health issues and devise appropriate treatment plans. To determine the following situations, live blood analysis can be extremely helpful –


  • If you are poor in diet
  • If you have abnormal hormonal balance
  • If your blood has a high fat count
  • If you have fluid and blood circulation problems
  • If you have excessive stress and inflammation
  • The state of your liver
  • Current situation of your immune system
  • Alcohol and nicotine count in your blood
  • Deficiency in nutrition

What procedures are involved in running this test?

A small amount of blood is pricked from your finger and then placed under a microscope, where the image is directed onto a screen so that you can see your blood cells in action. This is a relatively painless procedure. In this way, we see how well your blood cells are doing. Inflammation, oxidative stress, nutritional status, liver health, and immune health can all be assessed to get a sense of how well someone is doing as a whole.


The composition of your blood will improve as a result of live blood analysis, so you will not only feel better but will also see it. As your health improves, you’ll see these issues fade away over time with the right treatment.

Analyses of the blood in real-time

A live blood analysis does not necessitate the collection of a sample of blood from the patient. A simple finger prick and a few drops of blood are all that’s needed for your doctor to analyze your blood. It’s possible to learn a lot about your health by looking at the size, shape, and blood cell ratio.


Medical specialties and live blood analysis


Doctors in specialties like gynecology and obstetrics are trained to treat the whole person rather than just treat the symptoms that are bothering you. Despite the fact that blood cannot tell you everything about the state of your body’s overall health, microscopic analysis can tell you everything you need to know. Additionally, blood can indicate a patient’s vulnerability to certain illnesses and conditions.


Patients who may not be aware of their unhealthy habits will be confronted with the truth following a live blood analysis and a thorough intake of their overall health and well-being. It’s a positive development. Knowing what your body needs to get back on track and stay strong and healthy depends on being honest with yourself and with your doctor about what your lifestyle is.


An expert doctor can tell how healthy you are by studying the behavior and appearance of your blood cells. Your doctor will be able to devise a treatment plan for you based on this information, as well as the findings of medical examinations (if any), and an open discussion.

In the end

Now that you know how live blood analysis is done, and its advantages, it is time to act ASAP to identify whether you need a medical consultation. We significantly encourage you to talk to one of our experts at AGARWAL HEALTH for live blood analysis in British Columbia.


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